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Academics for Civic Engagement (ACE)

Honors Academics for Civic Engagement partners with organizations in the Indianapolis community to plan monthly volunteer opportunities. This organization is open to all Honors College students.

Academy of General Dentistry at IU School of Dentistry (AGD at IUSD)

The AGD is the Indiana student chapter of the national organization that advances the value and excellence of general dentistry. It advocates the involvement in the state and national levels of the Academy of General Dentistry and provides mentorship,

Academy of LDS Dentists

The Academy of LDS Dentists is an organization of dental professionals who are dedicated to serving mankind. Its mission is to promote dental education among professionals and the general public; to promote and facilitate dental service by its members...

AcademyHealth Student Chapter at IUPUI (AHSC)

The AcademyHealth Student Chapter at IUPUI is an affiliate of AcademyHealth, a national professional organization dedicated to advancing the fields of health services research and health policy.

Actuarial Science Club at IUPUI (ASC)

The ASC at IUPUI supports the endeavors of students pursuing a career as an actuary, by providing resources for exam support, networking opportunities, as well as educating non-majors about the advantages of the actuarial career path.

Advanced Graduate Organization (AGO)

The Advanced Graduate Organization is a group fostering similar interests in the graduate programs at the Indiana University School of Dentistry. The group facilitates social and intellectual interactions between it's members.

African Student Association (ASA)

The African Students Association’s purpose is to bring all African students and all IUPUI student that care about Africa together.

African-American Collegians Taking Initiative Via Engagement (A.C.T.I.V.E)

A minority volunteer organization group that focuses on issues, building character and experience for one's major. While mentoring the young and developing skill sets for your future career.

AIGA Herron Student Group (AIGA Herron)

AIGA Herron is the local student group affiliated with the professional graphic design organization, AIGA. We are a community of designers who hold events and discussion about the field of graphic design.

Alliance at IUSM

Alliance at IUSM focuses on education about LGBTQ health to ensure that future medical providers are aware of the medical needs of the community, additionally providing volunteer opportunities for students to turn this knowledge into skillful practice.

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